Dear Boston Herald… (about that “hanging”)

Protest today in front of Boston Herald! 11 am. Come if you stand for freedom of thought and the right to have opinions without the fear of death threats. Journalism sure has reached an all new low! Here is the original op ed piece in the Boston Herald:

Excellent article on Lew Rockwell’s site:

Protest Info Here


Dear Editor,

I am responding to Rachelle Cohen’s editorial entitled, “Preying on Parents’ Fear” published in your newspaper on May 8, 2017.

It is evident from her commentary that Ms. Cohen has done no legitimate investigation into the topic of vaccines, the vaccine-autism connection, the work of Dr. Andrew Wakefield, or any of the medically grounded reasons why Somali immigrants or others might possibly eschew vaccines. Rather, she has engaged in spreading untruths and lies unbefitting a publication that deems itself reputable.

Suggesting that people be killed—by hanging, no less—for their thoughtfully made healthcare decisions, including the decision about what immune-altering pharmaceutical products to inject into their bodies and the bodies of their children, is irresponsible and reckless.

In the United States we have the right to informed medical consent, which includes the right to refuse treatment and the right to choose how to treat illness when it…

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One thought on “Dear Boston Herald… (about that “hanging”)”

  1. The editor was way over the line on this one. I wonder, does her spew make her feel good and who and the hell gave her the platform.


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