Nancy Pelosi’s Seat Challenged in CA

This just shows how dissatisfied everyone is with the two party system in the US! Nancy Pelosi, the top ranking woman in the US government is being challenged by a Bernie supporter in the state of California.

Possible Hit- Attorney for UPS Murdered

Gunned down in broad daylight after filing a force majeure on behalf of UPS in Georgia, this young, bright attorney, with her whole future ahead of her, may have been killed for requesting the truth of the actual cause of the I-85 collapse. According to conspiracy theorists or truth seekers on Reddit, something much more than a deranged ex-boyfriend is going on here!

Here’s the “story” from mainstream media:

On the Heels of Scandal, Samsung Implicated in Wikileaks Vault 7 Realease

Samsung Scandal South Korea-

Apple and Samsung respond to Wikileaks-

Silicon Valley types react-